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BioThane® Dog collar & Regular leash set

BioThane® Dog collar & Regular leash set

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The  BioThane® dog collar & leash  is the perfect dog accessory for daily activity and walks with your dog. It is suitable for all dogs and breeds. Me & My 12 Paws collar is made of vegan leather, which is known for many benefits, from easy care, durability and softness for the skin of both dog and owner.

 A combination of extra strong core fabric and polymer coating makes for an amazing material with many benefits for dog gear.

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Technical specifications

We only use certified BioThane® BETA material made in the USA and sourced from official suppliers. Only USA made certified BioThane® material Me & My 12 Paws classic collar is made from vegan leather called BioThane®. This material is made in the USA. It looks and feels like leather, but is made of strong polyester fabric that is coated with PVC and requires no maintenance.

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