Collection: Indoor dog crates

The Me & My 12 Paws indoor kennel provides your dog with a safe and comfortable space in which to live in your home. It helps you set the boundaries as well as offering a secure place to leave your dog when you are out. Dogs should never be put in a kennel as a punishment. Instead, the kennel should be considered a comfortable space in which to relax. A dog can stay in the kennel for a few hours when it gets used to it. It is useful to teach your dog room cleanliness. Dogs like keeping their sleeping space clean and tidy. You can also put your dog in the kennel after a walk in wet weather and avoid dog footprints all over the room. Be careful when choosing the size of the kennel. It must be big enough for the dog to lie comfortably, stand and turn in it. For greater comfort, a soft blanket or a pillow can be placed inside it.


The Me & My 12 Paws wooden indoor kennel is made from poplar plywood with a carved pattern. It is finished with environmentally friendly waterproof varnish. Available in different colours and sizes. The medium size is suitable for smaller breeds (Maltese, Shih-tzu, Havana bison, Coton de Tulear,…). The small size is suitable for small breeds (Chihuahua, Pomeranian, Yorkshire Terrier, Miniature Poodle,…).


Maintenance is easy: the kennel can be cleaned with water and household cleaning products.  The kennel is not suitable for dogs who like to chew wood or play with wooden sticks.



MEDIUM: L900cm x W60cm x H60cm

SMALL: L60cm x W50cm x H45cm

Small = 23.6inch x 19.68inch x 17.7inch

Medium = 35.4inch x 23.6inch x 23.6inch